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Booking software

advanced integrations to support your omnichannel strategy

Want to Drive More Direct Bookings?

Easy set up and user friendly solution help you to make your offer bookable 24/7. Limit tons of phone calls and emails.

Built-in booking widget

No need to rebuild your current page or pay expensive bills to professional software houses, with our solution you can switch on online sales right away. What is more, our team will take care of customizing the widget to your needs and website design to boost your conversion

Mobile friendly design

Responsive checkout process will guarantee top-notch customer experience on every device

Intuitive dashboard and calendar

Easy but powerful behind the scene tools that give you full control over you bookings, availability and further steps

Availability and Resource Management

Stay up to date with real time availability and shared resources. Manage your cars, guides and rooms to maximize your profits and avoid overbookings.

  • inventory management – adjust availability of your product to your business needs, create price variations as well as special conditions 
  • resource management – allocate and share resources between different products so that you do not need to double check if you can accept the booking
  • upselling – market your extras during the booking process or grant your guests with special discounts for the second experience 
  • dynamic packages – not only upselling but creating a brand new product that combine various offers might be your unique competitive advantage and the reason why guests should book directly with you


Ticketing and Check in system


Many configuration options for your tickets, vouchers, gift cards to provide convenient check in processes for your guests and staff.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Are they popular in your business? Creating and redeeming cannot be more flexible

Check in Systems

Either via handy mobile app or desktop system all to make it easier for your employees and speed up the entrance for your customers. You are flexible with setting the right rules with your partners and provide payments for booked or redeemed tickets

Verify vouchers form resellers

Switching between multiple platforms is a pain for both customer service and guests. Get rid of that and upload the codes in our systems so vouchers can be checked in with our tools

Distribution in one place

Manage your online and offline sales on one platform. Connect with agents, affiliates and resellers to automate distribution and save time.


No more spreadsheets sharing or availability updates, no more visits to multiple supplier accounts! Control your offers distributed by resellers in one system in a real time

 Looking for advise with marketing your products and online distribution – book a free consultation with us!


Get the right tools for your own point of sales, add  a phone or walk up reservations with multiple payment options


Use your network, generate affiliate links and make it easier to be find online. Get an access for your affiliate partner and let them track the commission.


Let your partners create and modify bookings with few clicks. The intuitive panel will reduce their uncertainty and guarantee smooth cooperation 


Industry hub to facilitate integrations and creating synergies on the market. 

Payment Systems

Integrated and verified payment providers with over 135 currencies supported. Easy cancellations and refunds, deposits and customized group payments.

There is no successful online booking without a proper payment option. You could be surprised how many carts are left out due to lack of preferred payment option. We are here to advise and adapt payment options to the needs of your company. 

Payment process embedded in your website – guest are not forced to leave your website to securely pay for services. The whole booking experience in one place 


Seamless operation with Administration Center!

Everything you need to run your business efficiently – booking details, reports and statistics, user management and finances.

User management

create access rights and adapt the system to your employees needs.

Reservations feed

A comprehensive overview on your day-to-day business operations. Manage your bookings right from calendar view or share a list with your coworkers.

Reports and Statistics

Deep dive in numbers with our customized report tab and see how you are doing from the very first glance. 

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