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Headquarter Address

Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw


+48 570 222 377

We are on a mission to empower travel companies to run and grow businesses efficiently with use of modern technology

We  ourselves experienced constraints of tour & activities management as well as distribution via non-integrated channels. The solution we offer comes from the real business need and our mission is to empower travel companies like ours to run business efficiently and grow with use of modern technology. 

Online sales and distribution was our bread and butter for several years so in case you need a hand with this topic we will be happy to share knowledge and together plan relevant strategies for your business. Check us out and schedule a free consultation!

Values and technology

Customer centric

we are focused on our customers and their customers needs. Be prepared for a lot of questions – we do want to understand and put ourselves in your shoes.

Partner to grow with

we value partnership and joint development. The only constant is change and we are aware that something you need now might not be the tomorrow’s desire. We are ready to discover the future together!

Agile but data-driven

we can provide you with customized solution fast but we always like to understand the need first. We believe in agile so testing to get data is in our blood.

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